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Home2 Suites, one of the best luxury hotels in West Monroe

Are you up and ready to explore West Monroe? Are you looking for a luxurious holiday abode in West Monroe? We've got a great pick. Home2 Suites by Hilton is one of the best luxury hotels in West Monroe.  

The hotel is renowned for its outstanding guest service. The service staff are super friendly here. They are well-trained and seasoned experts who display the utmost professionalism. Their incredible hospitality has made this hotel property one of the most loved ones in the city.  

Before you pre-book your stay with us, check out the various room types available to the guests at Home2 Suites.  


1. Connecting rooms   

Home2 Suites by Hilton provides connecting rooms for its guests. When planning a vacation with family and friends, booking connecting rooms can significantly enhance the guests' overall experience.   

Why book a connecting room?  

  • More privacy  

  • More space  

  • Better bonding  

  • Higher confidentiality  

Connecting rooms provide privacy and convenience while ensuring everyone has their space. Our connecting rooms give our guests the joy of being close to their loved ones. It allows them to create cherished memories together as a family.  

  • Personal privacy  

If you travel with kids or elderly family members, ensuring their safety becomes stress-free with these connecting rooms. The guests can keep an eye on everyone, ensuring their well-being while enjoying their personal space. Also, connecting rooms provide the utmost privacy during your vacation.   

The guests can gather in one room for activities or discussions and retreat to their private space whenever they desire relaxation. For group travel, a connecting room will be ideal since it provides ample space for everyone to stay close together.  

  • Perfect for the business professionals  

Connecting rooms are an excellent choice for Business guests. It enables colleagues or team members to stay close to each other. It fosters an environment conducive to better collaboration and productive discussions.   

For professionals dealing with confidential matters, connecting rooms provide an ideal option. They can focus on sensitive issues without worrying about intrusions. It will help them keep their investor meetings or business discussions private and confidential.  

2. Queen room   

 At Home 2 Suites by Hilton, we provide two queen-sized beds studio suites for our guests.   

  • Premium appliances  

This spacious suite room features a kitchen including a seating area with a sofa bed, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, flatware, coffee maker, and toaster. Our living area features a 42-inch HDTV on a mount enabling it to be watched from anywhere in the suite.   

Our guests can step into the excellence of our Queen room, where elegance and spaciousness come together to create a serene atmosphere. Also, our luxurious Queen-sized bed and plushy pillows will give the guests a restful night's sleep throughout their stay.  

  • Exquisite bath suite  

Experience our deluxe bath suites, featuring modern fixtures, a refreshing rain shower, and luxurious toiletries, giving you a pampering experience. You can have a hot or cold shower and rejuvenate your mind and body. The royal bath suite is tailor-made to help you experience the epitome of luxury.  

  • Assured productivity 

The whole ambiance of the suite is elegant, helping you find the comfort of your home. The serene atmosphere will enable you to unwind from the stress of your daily routine. Our Queen room features a dedicated workstation for business travelers or those needing a workspace. It has an ergonomic chair, providing a comfortable setting to stay productive.   

Experience the extravagance of a regal retreat and indulge in the unparallel comfort of our Queen rooms.  

3. Accessible rooms   

Home 2 Suites provides accessible exclusive rooms for its guests. We provide various types of accessible rooms for guests with mobility challenges.   

  • Non-smoking accessible rooms  

We provide a non-smoking accessible one king-sized bed suite room to differently abled guests. We ensure that their stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as the others.  

The staff and management of the hotel go out of their way to help the differently abled guests with any special needs they might require round the clock.  

  • Custom-made modifications  

The bath suites in our accessible rooms are modified to make them easy to use for our guests. The in-room amenities and appliances are also curated to suit their unique needs. Our guests can use the full-sized sleeper sofa and work desk with ergonomic chairs in their accessible room.   

  • Accessible beds  

The bedding in our accessible rooms is also fitted with luxurious micro-fiber bed sheets and plush pillows that will give them a cozy sleep throughout their stay.  

Accessible rooms provide a sense of independence and freedom throughout their stay. It will make the guests move around their space without assistance.  

4. King Rooms  

An impressive blend of comfort and luxury is found in our King Rooms to provide an unforgettable experience. Our King Rooms are ideal for both business professionals and tourists. The elegance of our king rooms makes us one of the best luxury hotels in West Monroe.   

Our king rooms are thoughtfully designed and are an excellent choice for small families or groups. There is always extra space to spend time with your loved ones by planning indoor family or party games.  

  • Premium in-room amenities  

Modern appliances like the microwave make it simple to prepare a quick meal. You can enjoy the independence of cooking according to your schedule during your stay with us.  

We are highly conscious of providing our guests with ultra-clean rooms. Our king rooms are equipped with shower/tub provisions that are scale-proof, giving you a regal and comfortable bathing experience. This in-room amenity will make you feel refreshed and renewed after a tiring day trip around the city.  

  • Cozy bedding  

Embraced by top-notch mattresses, you can experience ultimate comfort as you sleep peacefully. The softness and sophistication of our premium linens will immerse you in pure luxury. An exclusive sofa bed is included in our King Rooms. The sofa bed enables you to offer a cozy sleeping arrangement for an extra guest if needed.  

Our King Rooms are ideal for rest and refurbishment during your stay. We ensure that our guests enjoy the height of comfort and luxury in our magnificent King Rooms.   

5. Non-smoking Rooms  

Home2 Suites takes excellent care in providing guests with non-smoking rooms. This provision offers numerous benefits for health-conscious travelers. Let's delve into the highlights of these smoke-free rooms and why they should be your preferred choice.  

  • A refreshing ambiance 

Our hotel ensures that no traces of cigarette smoke remain in the air or on the furnishings by allocating distinct rooms for non-smokers. This considerate approach benefits those who suffer from allergies or respiratory diseases. You can sleep more peacefully by selecting a smoke-free ambiance.  

  • An excellent choice for families  

Families taking kids and young teens on vacation can enjoy the advantages of non-smoking accommodations. Passive smoking can negatively impact kids and young adults because they are more susceptible to its ill effects.  

Parents who choose a non-smoking room may relax knowing their kids breathe the freshest air, making their vacation more refreshing and stress-free. Home2 Suites by Hilton, West Monroe, Louisiana, guarantees a peaceful and rejuvenating stay for families and individuals alike.  

6. Meeting Rooms  

Home2 Suites by Hilton in West Monroe, Louisiana, provides top-notch meeting rooms that cater to the diverse needs of our guests. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our meeting rooms offer an ideal setting for any business confluence.  

  • Customized amenities 

Our meeting rooms will be customized to match your business needs. We can help you host any business event. Be it a small board meeting, a training course, a conference, or an investor summit. To enable smooth communication and practical presentations, each meeting room is furnished with a high-speed internet connection, contemporary audio-visual technology, and presentation tools.  

  • Spacious meeting rooms  

Our meeting rooms are spacious and have comfortable seating arrangements. These are well-lit & well-equipped facilities. Hence, it will give you a professional atmosphere to complete the intended job. Our dedicated staff is always available to assist with any requirements, ensuring your meeting runs smoothly. 

Why think twice?  


Make the right choice now. Book your stay at Home2 Suites, one of the best luxury hotels in West Monroe, LA. The hotel is in a prime location, making it accessible from most tourist spots in the city.  

Take the right call and pre-book your stay with us now. For bookings, contact us at: +1-318-322-8000 or visit our website:

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