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Discover The Outdoors Along The Ouachita River In west Monroe, LA

Looking for an escape into nature without venturing too far from the comforts of city life? Monroe-West Monroe, LA, perched on the banks of the scenic Ouachita River and Bayou DeSiard, offers an ideal blend of outdoor adventure and Southern charm. Here's how you can make the most of your visit to this picturesque locale. For the stay, we have suggested one of the top hotel reservations in West Monroe that we know. Rest assured, you will enjoy the perfect vacation.

Outdoors Near Ouachita River In West Monroe


Hotel Booking in West Monroe

Here are some outdoor activities to enjoy in West Monroe near Ouachita River.   

1. Park Explorations 

The parks in Monroe-West Monroe are not just green spaces; they are community hubs with a plethora of activities. At Forsythe Park, spread over 53 acres, one can engage in a friendly match of tennis or beach volleyball, or choose to simply stroll along the jogging path with the lush scenery as a backdrop. Golf enthusiasts have both a traditional and putt-putt course to choose from, while families can delight in the vast children's play area.  

Kiroli Park offers an equally engaging environment with its 150 acres perfect for joggers, nature lovers, and families, with its fishing pond and theatrical stage presenting a change of pace from the typical park visit. Whether you have a room booking nearby or in the center of the city, do not miss out on exploring the beautiful parks.  

2. Hands-On Outdoor Experiences 

Monroe-West Monroe transforms a simple vacation into a hands-on adventure with diverse attractions. The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo extends nearly two miles of pathways, surrounded by the sights and sounds of exotic animals and lush gardens. It’s more than a zoo; it’s an experience with interactive elements like the Splash Pad and boat rides. For serenity seekers, the ELSong Gardens is a horticultural haven, showcasing a collection of vibrant blooms and architectural elements that invite contemplation and relaxation. 

3. Dining With A View 

Eating out takes on a new dimension with the plethora of restaurants in Monroe-West Monroe offering outdoor seating. The joy of dining al fresco is complemented by a view of the Ouachita River or Bayou DeSiard, where establishments like Miro’s and Trapp’s create a dining experience interwoven with the natural vista. At The Levee Grill and Waterfront Grill, patrons can savor their meals on patios overlooking the serene water, allowing for a peaceful dining experience under the stars or a sun-soaked luncheon. There are a bunch of family friendly hotels nearby where you can stay for the night if you leave late.  

4. Adventure In Nature Parks 

Engagement with nature is paramount in the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge. With over 4,500 acres, it’s a sanctuary for various species and a playground for nature enthusiasts. Here, visitors can embark on a journey of discovery on the nature trails, witness wildlife in their natural habitat from the bird blind, and challenge the calm waters with a fishing rod or canoe in hand. The visitor center stands ready to enrich your knowledge of the area’s ecosystem. Restoration Park and Cheniere Lake Park offer alternative landscapes to explore, whether you're looking for a solitary retreat or an active day out. 

5. Patio Relaxation With Local Brews  

Savoring a drink outdoors is revitalized at spots like Two Warriors Meadery, where the history and craft of mead-making can be enjoyed in a community-focused atmosphere. Over at Flying Tiger Brewery, beer aficionados can unite over Heroic Beers on a patio designed for leisure and live events, offering a social atmosphere that captures the essence of Monroe-West Monroe's friendly vibe. 

The Allure Of Monroe-West Monroe 

Every point of interest in Monroe-West Monroe beckons with its own story and appeal. It's a place where outdoor activities are as rich and varied as the local culture. Here, leisure and adventure go hand in hand, offering a spectrum of experiences that appeal to both the thrill-seeker and the peace-finder. The Ouachita River Valley is not just a location; it's a gateway to an immersive experience that caters to all senses and invites visitors to create their memories amid its picturesque surroundings. 

Why Home2 Suites Is The Perfect Stay In Monroe 

When traveling to West Monroe, finding the perfect accommodation is crucial to enjoy what the city offers best. Home2 Suites by Hilton in West Monroe stands out as an exceptional lodging option that combines comfort, convenience, and luxury to cater to both leisure and business travelers. 

1. Prime Location 

Home2 Suites is strategically positioned to offer effortless access to the best of West Monroe. Whether you're in town to explore local attractions, visit entertainment centers, attend business meetings, or dine at top-rated restaurants, staying at Home2 Suites puts you at the heart of it all. The convenience of location is unparalleled, making it a top choice for guests seeking minimal travel time during their stay. 

2. Unmatched Hospitality 

Guests at Home2 Suites are greeted with outstanding hospitality, a testament to the hotel's commitment to exceptional guest service. Each interaction is tailored to ensure that your stay is seamless and enjoyable. The hotel staff's attention to detail and readiness to assist go beyond the expectations of weary travelers and meticulous planners alike. 

3. Suite Comforts 

The suites at Home2 Suites have been designed with the guests' utmost comfort in mind. Ranging from studio to one-bedroom suites, each option is equipped with world-class amenities and home-like conveniences. The in-room facilities—like modern appliances—make for a living experience that's both productive and relaxing. The tailored spaces are perfect for unwinding after a busy day of meetings or sightseeing. 

4. Business-Ready Amenities 

For business professionals, Home2 Suites offers an experience that keeps productivity in mind. The in-house business center, complemented by premium meeting rooms, ensures that every work-related need is met. With all the required technology and services at your fingertips, you can host meetings, catch up on emails, and conduct your business with ease and efficiency. 

5. Family-Friendly Atmosphere 

Recognizing the needs of traveling families, Home2 Suites provides a range of complimentary services designed to make every family member's stay enjoyable. The serene ambiance of the hotel gives parents the peace of mind to relax, while the kids-friendly facilities mean that the younger ones are well entertained and catered to. 

6. Premier Amenities And Services 

From the moment you start your day with a complimentary breakfast to the end of the evening, when you park your car close to your room, every aspect of your stay is thoughtfully provided for. Enjoy Wi-Fi as you connect with the world or wind down in the spacious guestrooms that redefine luxury and comfort. 

7. Event Planning Excellence 

Whether you're celebrating a milestone or hosting a professional gathering, the event spaces at Home2 Suites are elegant and versatile. With 960 square feet of total event space, the largest room setup can be customized for events of varying scales. Planning your events at Home2 Suites means expecting nothing less than memorable. If you are looking for luxury hotels, this might be the right choice for you.  

8. Flexible Policies 

Understanding the unpredictable nature of travel, Home2 Suites has flexible cancellation policies to accommodate the changing plans of its guests. Easy online cancellations and a helpful customer service team ensure that any adjustments to your stay are hassle-free.  

Summing Up 

Home2 Suites by Hilton in West Monroe, with its well-crafted suites, strategic location, and guest-centered services, stands as the epitome of luxury and convenience. Whether it's the practical perks for business travelers or the harmonious environment for family trips, Home2 Suites promises a stay that's as rewarding as it is comfortable. Book your stay and experience the pinnacle of luxury in one of the best hotels in West Monroe, LA.

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